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Natalia Kills – Perfectionist Review

Well Natalia Kills or Natalia or Kills or N.K. Verz, Verbalicous, Natalia 
Cappuccini or... tell you what, decide for yourself. Well we got Hannah, (@NataliaKILLEDme), yeah - she isn't biased - to critique Perfectionist. Here is what she had to day about the axe wielding woman herself:

01 - Perfection

The album’s intro, ‘Perfection’ seems to be some sort of robotic psychological diagnosis, which doesn’t make much sense to me, but it isn’t bad as far as intros go these days. It’s not a song however, so I’m not going to give it a rating.

02- Wonderland

The first of many tracks on this album with a pounding bass beat, and for added drama it comes complete with occasional gunshots and a gothic-style choir. Lyrically, it dismisses fairytale comparisons and she repeatedly demands to be taken to Wonderland. Definitely a song to be played on repeat. 8/10

03 - Free
Energetic and enjoyable, but quite a contrast to the other tracks on this album. Not what I was expecting from this otherwise dark electro-pop album, sounding rather ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’ to me. Good tune, but somewhat disappointing lyrics. 6/10

04 - Break You Hard

Starting off with attention-grabbing electric guitar, shattering glass, a quick beat and a catchy chorus, this is a song that is easy to sing along to. Apart from that, there’s nothing much else to say. 7/10

05 - Zombie

Another good beat with a synthesised melody, and additional layers that give it the themed haunted feel. The chants add to the general atmosphere and it creates a very consistent vibe. Okay yeah, more was expected from a track produced by Red One but maybe the unexpected is expected, eh? Eh? 8/10

06 - Love Is a Suicide

With another cameo from the KILLS Choir; a heavy beat, persistent electric humming and a catchy chorus providing a somewhat expected vibe – not that that is a bad thing - after hearing her other tracks. It’s a catchy song with a bit of an ‘emo’ feel that will get stuck in your head. My only criticism is it can be hard to hear Natalia singing through the music at times. She can get a little drowned out. 8/10

07 - Mirrors

Apparently I have a notoriously short attention span when it comes to music, but this song has been on repeat regularly since last September. A very dark, sexy disco-pop song with an urban edge. Sledge hammering beats, yet again, but I’m far from bored. Like one of those songs you make love to and then kill your spouse. Yes, we have already listened to too much Kills... 9/10
Robert feels the instrumental breakdown requires 10/10 by itself.

08 - Not In Love

Interesting synth-beat and creepy whisper of “Cherry Cherry Kills Kills” at the start, but parts of the verses sound a bit like Britney (Bitch) to me. Good song, but the chorus is, sadly, far too tame. 6/10

09 - Acid Annie
It’s nice to hear Natalia doing some proper singing, but this track sounds very 90s which makes the song sound cheesy and it’s hard to take the lyrics seriously. Not that we didn’t trust her enough with those axes too... 6/10

10 - Superficial 

I can’t help being reminded of ‘Fashion’. The start is good, but it doesn’t go anywhere after that. Another visit from the choir gives it a more Kills vibe, which makes it a bit more original. I’m not calling it a rip-off, but it does have its. It also sounds too much like ‘Free’... kind of like its evil twin. Two tracks that are too similar for the same album. 6/10
11 - Broke

A slower song with powerful vocals and lyrics. The chorus had a haunting quality which made it a great track that was both unexpected and suited to Kills. 8/10

12 - Heaven

Beautiful track, even slower than the previous one. Heavenly (excuse the pun) vocals, but it seems so out of place in among tracks like ‘Mirrors’ and ‘Wonderland.’ 7/10

13 - Nothing Lasts Forever

Starting off  fairly strong, and continues the same way, until some guy pops up out of nowhere and talks for a while. When he disappears again, Natalia picks up the song and barely recovers the song with some higher notes. 7/10
Overall rating – 7/10

We like the serial killer vibe, the majority of the tracks and the KILLS Choir.

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